Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that may help you understand how Island Awnings can build the perfect awning for you or your business.

Where do I begin?

We recommend that you contact us by phone, email or our Contact Form, all of which can be found on our Contact page. Once we know what you need we can advise you on what’s next.

Note that some custom applications require CAD renderings to help you visualize your project. We can provide these drawings.

Will you install my awning?

Yes. We offer several awning related services including installion, removal/storage, repairs, reinstallation at the start of the new season.

What colors and patterns are available?

Today’s fabrics come in more than 500 solid and striped colors! Visit www.sunbrella.com for some of the most popular fabric choices.

What type of fabric do you use?

Our most popular choices are canvas or vinyl. We also offer metal awnings.

Why do you use Sunbrella fabrics?

There are many reasons we use Sunbrella some of which are:

  • Durability of their fabrics
  • The wide range of colors and patterns they offer.
  • The ability to match outdoor awning fabrics with other Sunbrella fabrics for seating, window treatments.
  • As a company, Sunbrella is environmentally conscious

What other fabrics do you use?

For commercial awnings we often use vinyl material from Ferrari or BTF 19 to name a few.

  • Ferrari is a world leader in architectural fabrics has tracked the life of their awnings and found over 20 years lifespan.
  • BTF 19 fabric is PVC coated high-tenacity polyester with PVDF/acrylic finish. The PVDF finish has superior chemical aging resistance, fire resistance and UV and Gamma radiation stability making it perfect for an awning. This fabric also has exceptional dimensional stability that will last for years to come.

Can you provide my business name, logo or custom graphics on my awning?

Yes. Awnings are a great way to advertise your business and make your building stand out in style. Depending on the fabric used and type of graphics chosen, you can add vinyl graphics or have it hand-painted.

How long does an awning last?

Today’s fabrics are generally warranted for five years. With proper maintenance and care, they should last much longer. The exposure of your awning and care will greatly determine their life. We offer Seasonal Take Down & Rehang Services to extend the life your awning. Our aluminum frames can last a lifetime.